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Support Suite

Quite often, the learning cycles of incumbents/trainees are incomplete as they engage in real-time enterprise specific roles without the Post Training assistance. Towards this end we also offer you Post Training Technical Support for your projects as an optional add-on or as a stand-alone package.

Our clients consistently swear by it as it has proven to be the silver bullet making the transition of trainees into their respective roles relatively smooth.

Resourcing Suite

Agility and flexibility are key attributes that an enterprise cannot do without. The complex interplay of the many variables that an enterprise has to encounter in the workaday world makes it ever so crucial. We can help you tackle one of your ‘variables’ efficiently- Technical Training needs.

With Aditya-IT Network, we can help you quickly and efficiently resource the country’s top professional Technical Trainers for any of your technical training needs. The Aditya-IT Network is a well maintained bank of established Technical Trainers primed on the parameters of experience and delivery track records. It’s not uncommon to find our lineup of trainers holding 4 to 20 years of relevant industry experience. Quality training-Guaranteed.

Some of the domains that our Trainers specialize in are:

PMP, MS-Project, Technical Writing, Predictive Analysis , SAP / Oracle/ Adobe products Training, ERP, CRM, Cloud Computing, Tibco, Kernel programming, Device Driver development, VLSI, Data Warehousing, Android/iOS/Windows Phone Programming.

Exclusive Suite

All along since its roll out in 1988 Microsoft’s Productivity suite a.k.a. MS Office Suite has held sway as a market leader endorsed by thousands of corporations worldwide. And before long, ‘MS Office training’ became the buzzword in the industry. However, training is a nuanced art and what separates the men from the boys is the ability to connect to the enterprise specific (client-side) needs and customize the training methodologies to suit their delivery expectations. This is the core work philosophy @ Aditya-IT.

We offer you Exclusive MS Office Suite (all versions) corporate training led by our Lead Trainer, Mr. Ramesh K.N in both formats-online as well as Instructor-led/Classroom training. His encapsulated Vestibule and T group sensitivity training techniques has been consistently acclaimed both by the training-circle professionals and clients alike for over 27 years.

Our other Exclusive Suite offerings include:

  • Java Programming Essentials & Pro
  • VBA Training-Pro
  • Sessions on Work-Life Balance (Stress & Time Management Techniques for working Professionals).